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Resources Available

Below is an overview of the resources that we offer. Select icons to navigate. 


Microsoft Teams is a messaging application that we use to communicate with our members. We utilize it because it is faster, better organized, and more secure than email. Members must be manually added to private channel 'aitp-enrolled-students.'


When students join AITP, they will gain access to attend various events that foster career success in the field of technology. View our upcoming events calendar to see what skills and expertise our members can gain. 


TigerLink is LSU's official campus engagement platform for student organizations.

Incoming and current members must register and/or renew their membership of AITP every school year on TigerLink.


AITP hosts speaker events, inviting industry professionals who offer real-world insight into their careers and current trending topics. We are proud to endorse enrollment in ISDS 3070 [CIO Hot Topics] in addition to hosting club-wide AITP Speaker Series throughout the semester, highlighting past leadership and recent ISDS graduates. 


CompTIA offers free membership for students. We recommend AITP members to register as CompTIA professional members to receive discounts on more than 2 million IT certifications issued worldwide.

For ISDS Majors

Here, we compiled the ISDS curriculum with corresponding summaries for AITP members and ISDS majors to review. With the goal of encouraging members to obtain a diverse skillset, this page includes insights on LSU ISDS courses and certifications

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